Volleyball England

This is a sport where the competing teams of six players each try to score points by dropping the ball into the opposition’s side. This sport is popular worldwide and almost every country has national volleyball team competing in major volleyball tournaments like FIVB Volleyball World Championship Summer Olympic games, Paralympic games. Set of rules govern this game, formations players take and faults made.

Types of volleyball

Water volleyball

This is played at the shallow end of the water and is suitable for both young children and adults.

Beach volleyball

Here volleyball is played in sand court and players have no shoes on. Opposing teams follow the set rules of volleyball as they try to ground the ball into the opposition’s court.

Indoor volleyball

This is the mainstream volleyball game that is played in a gymnasium. Both offensive and defensive strategies are employed as opposing teams try to outdo each other.



A spherical-leather ball is used in a court measuring 18 m in length and 9 m in width. For women’s competition, the net is approximately 2 m in length while for men it is approximately 2.5 m. The boundaries of the court are marked to guide the players. A ball that hits this line is considered in.


How the game is played

A team in a volleyball game consists of six players. The players close to the net serve as attackers while those in the middle mostly provide passes. The players at the back also provide passes and make serves. The offensive team attacks the ball trying to ground it into the other side. When an attack is made the players upfront jump to prevent the ball from hitting their side of the court. When the other team gets the ball the same is repeated and the game rallies back and forth until scores are made.


While playing, a player is not supposed to catch the ball, double hit it, touch the net while playing the ball or penetrate under the net into the opposition’s court. If these fouls are committed, the team at fault is penalized and their opponents awarded points.


There are three standard formations in volleyball, 5-1, 6-2 and 4-2. In a 5- 1 formation there are five hitters and 1 setter. A team that assumes this formation has 3 attackers upfront with 1 setter at the back. This formation is mostly considered a combination of the 4-2 and 6-2 formation. In a 4-2 system of play, there are four hitters and two setters. The setters play from the right or middle of the court with two attackers up front. The 6-2 formation is similar to the 4-2 system of play only that the back row players can move forward and play as setters. This is an offensive formation because three attackers are always upfront.

Scoring rules

Two rules govern scoring in volleyball, sideout scoring and rally scoring. In the latter, a team earns points when the opponent fails to play the ball over the net, makes an error serving or hits the ball out of bounds. In sideout scoring, a team is given a chance to serve if the opposing team commits the above mistakes.

Recent changes

Several changes have been made to the rules governing volleyball. A ball that touches the net and goes across is an accepted serve. In addition, a serve can also be made beyond the line.